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One More Week... - On the Field with a Feminine Flair
From the Dugout to the Sidelines
One More Week...
Well, six days if you want to be exact. I can't wait for Opening Day. Opening day is one of the greatest days in all of professional sports. For twenty four hours, everyone is equal, Your winning percentage is either .000 or 1.000. It really is an anamoly in sports and it's wonderful. It should be a national holiday really. I mean even the President takes the day off (as much as a President can take a day off, I'm sure).

This year promises to be a great one from the perspective of a Yankees' fan. The pitching staff, it can stay healthy is by far the best in the league and the lineup is nothing to sneeze at either. With Jeter, Rodriguez, Sheffield, Matsui and Giambi at full strength and the support of Womak, Williams, Posada and Martinez, we could have the likes of an juggernaut that haven't been seen since 1998.

The schedulers must have been high when they made up the opening day match ups. Yankees/Red Sox, immediately, not a week or two into the season as it's usually done. We've got a home and home with them right away and who would want it any other way? What better way to try and erase some of the bad taste in our mouths from last October then come steamrolling out of the gate and beat the shit out of them immediately?

Yes, of course, that's wishful thinking on my part, but I can't help it. The stage is set for an unbelieveable showdown, where it'll feel like the season never actually ended and games in the first week in April feel like them actually mean something.

I hope the Red Sox are ready to defend their title. I seriously doubt that they are.

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