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And I find it kinda funny... - On the Field with a Feminine Flair
From the Dugout to the Sidelines
And I find it kinda funny...
Some people are good winners. Some people are good losers. The Boston Red Sox are neither. If they were good winners, they'd act like they've done it before, like it's no big deal. The dog and pony show they're running out of their spring training facility this winter is absolutely ridiculous. I can't imagine Terry Francona, a baseball man for whom I have the utmost respect, is pleased with this circus he's got in Spring Training. Really though, what can you expect from a group of guys who call themselves, "The Idiots". Yes, they won the world series and it I still have residual pains from those losses in games 4, 5, 6 and 7. Am I bitter? Damn straight I am. Are the Yankees? Most definitely. But which team is acting like it lost? The Red Sox. Is it too much to ask to win with some dignity and grace? Apparently it is.

The Red Sox as an organization have been attacking Alex Rodriguez since last year and with avengence more recently. The excuse they give? That he got into a fight with Jason Varitek and that he slapped at Bronson Arroyo's glove during the ALCS. Well, if I recall correctly it was Varitek that threw the first punch in that fight and Bronson Arroyo is lucky Alex didn't put his shoulder down and barrel him over. Perhaps they think that ARod is the "weak link" in the clubhouse. That they can get into his head and mess with his mind before the season starts. I don't blame them for doing so to be honest. This is Alex's second go-round with the Yankees. To all the baseball fans out there: What usually happens when a high profile guy starts his second year with a club he's been traded to? To all those that answered, "He kicks the rest of the league's ass" or some variation there of, take a gold star and a cookie. The second year Yankee is the one everyone has to fear. It's simple deduction really. They know that getting into Derek Jeter's head is impossible and that goes the same for people like Mo, Tino, Jorge and Bernie. Been there, done that, it's impossible. Jason Giambi has far too shit to deal with this season to worry about the things that the BoSox are talking about. Antagonizing people like Randy Johnson and Carl Pavano is never a good idea. Gary Sheffield hits better when he's pissed off. So who's left to antagonize? Alex. He's the weak link. He's the guy coming off the less than stellar year, who has shown in the past that he is affected by what other people say about him. I think Alex is right by not responding to the childish and bush league antics of the Sox.

I'm starting to question the minds of the Red Sox though. I mean did they pay attention at all this winter? The Boston Red Sox lost their ace pitcher and gained an over weight, heavy drinking forty year old with a bad back. The Yankees added Randy Johnson, the best veteran pitcher on the market, Carl Pavano, the best young pitcher on the market and Tino Martinez, a clubhouse guy who's going to add great leadership ability to that clubhouse. The Yankees got better. SIGNIFICANTLY better. The Red Sox stayed the same and to be honest probably got worse. What was seperating these two teams last year? How evenly matched were they? They were really on par last year and that's being generous to the capabilities of the Yankees starting pitching and bull pen. The Red Sox were actually the better team. How close were the Sox to losing that series? As close as it comes.

The Red Sox really ought to learn how to keep their mouths shut. Someone very smart once said, "Winning the championship is the easy part. The hard part is defending it."

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